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I'm a journalist.

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Girlpool on Female Sexuality, Hookup Culture and Vulnerability

The teenage duo shares their strong opinions on the porn industry and being more than a riot grrrl revivalist act....

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Honeyblood Talk Love Songs, Blink-182 and Fake Blood

The Scottish duo slip sharp blades into sugary songs....

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The 20 Best Tapes of 2014 So Far

Despite the appearance of "novelty," some of the year's best releases have taken advantage of the cassette format. Here are 20 of the best....

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Lower on Eating Disorders, Getting Robbed and the Meaning of “Punk”

The Copenhagen band talk about their new "romantic post-punk" album....

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On the Road With Joanna Gruesome

Maria Sherman accompanies the UK band on their tour of the states....

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Here to Hear: Gothenberg’s Dark Pop Underbelly

Maria Sherman on Gothenberg pop bands Makthaverskan and Westkust...

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Here to Hear: Metz’s Battle for Punk Autonomy

Maria Sherman on the Northeast French town's underground music scene...

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Soundtrack Finally Hits Cassette

The most popular mixtape in years will soon be available on tape. A cassette version of the Guardians of the Galaxy film soundtrack, AKA Awesome Mix Vol. 1, wil......

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Where Do You Even Get a Tape Made Anymore?

On September 27, the second annual International Cassette Store Day could be coming to a store near you. The roster of releases includes tapes from J Dilla, Whi......

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Here to Hear: The Atlanta Indie Scene

Maria Sherman on Atlanta indie bands Places to Hide and Gold-Bears...