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Crying Say Goodbye to Their Gameboys and Hello to Their Debut | Village Voice

Crying Say Goodbye to Their Gameboys and Hello to T...

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Maria Sherman | New York News, Food, Culture and Events | Village Voice

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I Was in an All-Girl Blink-182 Cover Band Called Dumpweed

It was 1999, a particularly hot summer in San Antonio, Texas. I remember walking into a Wal-Mart, away from my mom to wander the vast CD racks for something new and exciting. It was a big time for pop music. The cover of Millennium, by the then inauthentic-feeling boy band,......

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The Smashing Pumpkins TCOB in NYC with a Pop-Up Shop and Businesslike Gig

Better Than: Dave Grohl The Smashing Pumpkins need no introduction. When they hit the stage, it's because it's time to hit the stage. There's no banter, no countdown, no pyrotechnics. Billy Corgan and his band of merry men, sans James Iha and any female presence, D'arcy Wretzky or otherwise, launched......

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K-Pop Kings BIGBANG Fly Seoul's Soul to NYC

In a recent interview with popular U.K. television program Chatty Man, 5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin told host Alan Carr that their label, Capitol Records, calls them "the biggest band that no one's ever heard of." He's only slightly joking, but the sentiment is there: Success, in 2015,......

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We Made Eagulls Get Drunken Tattoos

Like all ridiculous things, the story starts with Twitter. Shira Knishkowy, publicist at Partisan Records, asked if anyone wanted to give her and Leeds, England, band Eagulls tattoos; they wanted something stupid and permanent. A friend recommended me, and I obliged. I've never actually given a tattoo. With good reason:......

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One Direction Fans and Their Neon Signs Flood MetLife Stadium

When One Direction took the stage, they did so fashionably late, almost as if they were waiting for the sun to set to perform in an iPhone-lit night sky. Instead of opting for a countdown before their entrance, 1D airs a clip of each boy exploring some country, reading a...

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Blink-182 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - 9/11/13

Better Than: Everything. It started like a movie. The lights dim and rise up again. Excited cheers stifled by a few excited gasps. Half a second goes by and... "I'VE GOT NO REGRET RIGHT NOW." The nasal boom comes from deep within guitarist Tom DeLonge's throat, and with a ferocity......

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Live: Bible Thumper And Tribal Force Put The Punk Back In Punk Island

Punk Island Governor's Island Sunday, June 24 Better than: Riding a tandem bicycle. This June marked the six-year anniversary of Make Music New York, a festival of public music and art centered on the notion that music should be free, outdoors, and available to all. Yesterday's day-long Punk Island, put......

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CMJ Is Way More Fun When You're Badgeless, Broke, and Young

It's that time of the year again: South By Southwest's mean, jealous sister to the North, CMJ, is upon us. There's little sunshine, no margaritas, no tacos and yet, the thing can be a blast! Musicians and writers and industry folk from all over the planet are in NYC for......

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"The Best Baritone Since Ian Curtis"

John Sharkey III is no longer the fuckhead in Clockcleaner, writing songs with titles like "Gentle Swastika," crafting cold noisy punk that was both biting and mesmerizing. The band was great, and then simmered out, synth-pop Puerto Rico Flowers born in its 2008 wake. That band too proved to have......