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I'm a journalist.

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Flasher and the Contemporary DC Punk Family Tree

Underground scenes are born of necessity.  Survival is a political act, and when you’re in the capital of the United States, with its long history of red-lined segregation and vast income disparity…...

Album of the Day: Lady Pills, “Despite”

Near the end of Despite, the debut album from Boston’s Lady Pills, comes “Eat Them,” a quick, lo-fi punk song that rejects misogyny with misandrist cannibalism. The suggestive driving hook, “…...

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Marie Claverie · David Auerbach · Maria Mölder · Armand Hutton · Arcticco. Zürich, Switzerland .... Thomas Helzle. Berlin, Germany. Erin LaSala · Mary Sherman....

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His & Hers, by Xenia Dunford

12 track album...

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maria binx · the13thtorturedungeon. Puyallup, Washington. Mark Kendrick .... Sherman, Texas. Roald Flood. Lima, Peru. Dinis Tangerino. Berlin, Germany....

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Jem Marie. Portland, Oregon. From a Fountain ..... Fistful of DOOM. Sherman, Texas. Dismal Cathedral ..... A Problem Like Maria. Philippines. Amanda J. Ottawa ......

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maria binx · David Waterside. Montreal, Québec. Kysol ... Sherman, Texas. simon handmaker. Chicago, Illinois ... dawn marie lemke. Bremerhaven, Germany....